Jan. 17th, 2012

questa: (F/R love)
Still waiting on the results of my third (and hopefully last o_o) blood test, also the results of a urine test (oops tmi o_o), not as sick as before but still super exhausted and with the weird headaches tho thankfully not 'need to go to the ER' worthy. James got an iPad for Christmas but I seem to have more use for it lol, its great when laying in bed sick. Sierra still prefer's the computer screen but we downloaded her a couple games anyway. She plays but doesn't wack the iPad hard enough to register.

Also been using Kinect's once a week to video chat with Luna, her cat's seem to enjoy it and I know Sierra loves watching.

Took Sierra for a check up the other day (Columbia Square Vet Clinic) because they were offering a free one until Jan 31st. The aged her at about 4-5yrs old which is what I thought and other than needing a dental cleaning ($120) she is perfectly healthy. Since we were there we got her a vaccination, just a basic one for indoor cats. We will go back and get her the others soon once the weather gets better enough to take her out for walks. Still want to get her a jacket harness (harder to escape from) and a little jacket to keep her warm. Still need the stroller too.

She met the resident kitty and despite looking annoyed in the photo they were both very interested to see one another. The vet tech had to boot the poor kitty out of the exam room because he followed us in there and didn't want to leave :P

James and I haven't really had any date nights out in awhile with me being so sick but he's made me feel better about it by setting up sweet things for us to do at home, like games, Criminal Minds marathons, cookie dough Blizzards, etc...its been nice ^_^ Might even try and go to that weekly photography group with him next week if I can manage it.

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