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Sep. 19th, 2010 03:06 pm
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No idea why I had agreed to do it...mostly it was to help out Sue because she's awesome and really needed people. I'm way too social phobic and don't feel like I've had enough training to dance in front of a crowd.

And one of the dances we were going to do I'd only done twice before and found it difficult, its very beautiful but omg..fuck you Italy and your damn feet killing pravans!

I panic attacked 3 days about the whole thing and because of this I did something I never do...mixed up dates on the calender...which ended up with James and I driving around Surrey to go to a dance practice that actually happened the day before o_o

The day off James missed an important animation industry event just so he could go with me (and ended up being our tech guy/photoguy since he wasn't about to dance in front of a crowd just yet)

We had an hour n a half of training before the thing thank god but they went and changed the hard Italian dance because we didn't have enough men...I was like omg nooooooooo!

It took place outside the Fireside Cafe & House of Cheesecake as part of their birthday event. I was a little more intimidated when I saw the crowd seem to be mostly bikers o_o! they were really nice tho~

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