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I have my first garden all planted and it seems to be doing well, several different kinds of flowers and one tomato plant. Photos are on Flickr and Facebook. More on FB because with the slow connections out here, uploading to Flickr is sometimes impossible.

Still doing PT once a week and it seems to be going okay, I have a doctors appointment this Sunday to go over my x-ray results and see if I can get another prescription for that Celebrex. It works amazingly well for the pain @_@! I was getting tired of being curled up in a ball crying and not able to function.

The weakness in it is still bad and effing annoying, I can only bend it a certain amount before it goes all wonky and gives me pain...and its still collapsing all the damn time. The other night I was talking to James....probably about two feet away from the stairs, not moving when it was like someone kicked my left kneecap and I fell sideways....thankfully James caught me before I fell down the stairs. A second later it did it again and I would have hit the floor but he was still holding on to me. He helped me downstairs and got me settled on the couch with a DVD.

Hung out with one of his old school friends (Giselle) the other day, she is awesome and geeky ^_^its nice to have a girl friend up here. ^_^
Northwest fair is happening in a couple weeks but not sure if we are going to bother with it....not at $100 a ticket X_x! I wouldn't mind seeing Fred Penner lolz but he's the only name on the concert list I recognize and I'm not even sure what all else is there...they don't even bother listing a schedule O_o

The bugs out here are horrible and huge...not to mention effing vicious o_o
* Mosquito's
* No see ums (tiny little bastards hence their name but thankfully for some weird reason, even though they bite me and leave a mark it doesn't itch)
* June bugs (WHY GOD?!)
* Horse flies
* Various other yucky bugs.

Since summer is coming, its only going to get worse o_o!

Looking forward to the wild roses here blooming and possibly going horseback riding. James may also set up a small paintball game with just his friends to make it safer for me since he'd kill them if I got hurt :P and they all seem to know he calls me "Mrs. Glass" for a reason.

Other than that days are mostly spent setting up the house (I want to re-paint), hanging out with the cats, dogs and horses XD Thunder-Cloud always comes trotting over to me when I go into the field to see her, I open my arms and she comes up for a cuddle...God I want to bring her home T_T her and Copper and Smokey and Mittens T_T!!
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