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Found out we are here for April, so yay. I really wish we could just get settled somewhere but I guess we won't know whats up for another month.

I've been like sleeping constantly, its annoying and very hard to get me up. And when I am up its hard to stay awake. I could have passed out hours ago but we went out to see friends and now I wanted to get a few things done. Everyone figures its CFS (not just because of the sleepyness but other things as well) and I'd have to agree but until I'm able to find a non doushy doctor I'll have to wait to know for sure.

I'm so tired I could cry.

Knee's have been annoying and I think today my right one (which is bad just not as bad as the other -_-) has had it with me bearing most of my weight on it. It gave out, which isn't unusual but it was a hard one. More pain than usual and James thought he might have to carry me up the stairs. It did it again not even 5mins later and now I have one of my crutches out to hobble along. Annoying...

I feel like I need to do something, just not sure what yet.

I needs my Lude.
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