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No other migraines thank god but a couple weeks ago I was down on the floor cleaning kitties food area when my left knee randomly popped out....hard :X

I actually fell forward and face planted, when I hit the floor the knee popped back in place but I was worried I had done some damage. James was at the store when it happened but luckily came home a few minutes later and helped me up off the floor. It wasn't swelling up but it did feel weird and walking was a bitch...but it has been for awhile now.

I've been having more and more trouble with the left knee the past few months and could tell it was deteriorating.

Went and saw the doctor about it a few days later and wondered if he'd just send me away because last time I saw him about it years ago he was like "well you didn't go get physio like your orthopedic surgeon said so nothing I can do". Didn't care that I could not afford it but he said no surgery, try physio first and see if that smooths out the bone growth that grew after the injury.

But he actually listened to me tell him how its been giving out a lot more lately, pain that's always been 24/7 has turned into more intense pain 24/7. And how I cannot bend it all the way, straighten it all the way and when it tilts sideways it wants to pop out. Oh, and how when I'm on the floor either cleaning, playing with the cat or looking at a book at Chapters I CANT GET BACK UP. Without James lifting me up off the ground.

Last x-rays I had were in 2006 so he sent me off for more. Getting them was not fun, I was glad I at least had a gentle tech but even just laying straight out hurt and was hard to do.

Got the results back yesterday and he said although the right one is holding steady the left one has gotten worse. I have moderate Osteoarthritis in that one. Crappy assed news but I'm glad to have a diagnoses. No cure just painkillers (he said keep taking Advil lol which doesn't even begin to touch it), take it easy, get one of those ultra braces that are like $500+ (but that's going to have to wait a few months), he said my weight is fine and to keep it that way as that can make it worse. And that's it until it deteriorates into the next and last stage which usually requires knee replacement surgery.

It really does suck, a brace will be nice but they usually aren't meant to be worn around the house. I'll also probably have to look into getting a few mobility aids that although I've needed for awhile I've been avoiding because having them makes me feel so much more broken. I'd rather suck it up though instead of risking hurting myself.

I'm trying not to let it get to me too much because it could always be worse and there's still lots I can do. And James loves me gimpy or not :P

Rewind back a few weeks and we had a lovely Valentines day, he took me out to dinner and to our favorite cake place. For our second anniversary we just stayed home and he cooked me an amazing dinner then surprised me with fondue and rented a movie I wanted to see that we curled up to watch on the iPad.

Also went to a stitch n bitch, felt kinda weird because everyone else there can sew so well and here I am struggling just to thread my needle lol, I had forgotten to bring my knitting...Still had fun though.

Also had a great time at the last Changeling game, there was an IC wedding and I took pictures of it ^_^

Might limp down to farmers market tomorrow (and possibly be an NPC at Vampire if I can get a ride). Sunday James and I might go to the pet fair. Other than that, no other outstanding plans, just rest.


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