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Woke up Friday with a headache but tried to ignore it, later in the day it was still there as I got ready for Changeling but since I felt fine other than that I still went.

Had a good time with my character giving out jewelry and talking to people (specially Emily and Deej) but egads was it hard to act normal and not start crying as the headache got steadily worse. I don't even remember what was said at closing circle I was just leaning on James trying not to fall over. When we got in his car that's when I finally let go and was crying/whimpering. The pain was so bad I wanted to scream.

He got me home and I tried digging through the hall closet trying to find some kind of painkillers but my Mum was like oh hell no, you've never been like this before so up to the ER for you.

Waited about 30mins which wasn't too bad before getting taken into a room, I was still in costume so glitter was everywhere. My vitals were normal, I laid there wishing someone would put a bullet through my skull when the Doctor finally came in. He said it was most likely a migraine (what?! I don't get those! Lets not start now kthx!) so he'd send someone in with a shot of Demerol (never had that before), another nurse came in with it and said it'd be going into my arse. X_x I told her I had many other perfectly injectable area's but into my arse it went. They said to lay there for 15mins but that somehow turned into an hour. Pain had lessened quite a bit but I felt normal other than that....until I sat up then I was like holy crap I'm so stoned o_o They sent me home with 2 Demerol pills which thankfully I haven't needed to take.

Went home, crashed, slept until 2pm, woke up, had a snack, went back to bed until 1am...up for a bit and back to bed. Apparently this is what happens sometimes post are exhausted for a couple days. The spot where I was injected was SO PAINFUL OMFG O_O Every time I turned over it woke me. Its almost better now though o_o

So that was my fun filled weekend.....

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