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I feel like I'm the only person who likes Valentine's Day X_x
and it has nothing to do with being in a relationship, I've always liked it. Sure I was a little disappointed the years I didn't have anyone to share it with but I still enjoyed it. I'd buy chocolate, watch girly movies, get my Mum some flowers and a card, exchange cards with friends. One year I even made a date with a gay friend...although he stood me up the night before because he found a hot guy to go out with lol.

I am a total sucker for all the red and pink, flowers, chocolate, etc...

I happened to ask my brother what he was planning on doing for Dana and he said "Bah, we don't bother with Valentine's Day, its just a manufactured holiday anyway."

Erm, so is Christmas but you both run around buying each other gifts for that X_x

If people really don't like it then that's fine but I really don't get all the hate. Especially the overused like "You should show your love on more than just one day out of the year"

Uh, we do. James and I do stuff like that for each other all year round but that doesn't mean we won't be doing anything special for Valentine's Day.

I already picked him up something special (still need to get something for my Mum and Sierra) and we have plans for the 14th that I am looking forward to ^_^

Also, I kinda want to see the Vow....I feel dirty :X
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