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Sunday: James and I met up with Joyee and Steven because they wanted me to take pictures of them for their Grandparents. The weather was thankfully clear just frickin cold so we went to Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese garden to the photos, James had never been there before and brought his sketchbook along but it was too cold for even that. Managed to get a few nice shots in before they took us out for lunch.

Afterwords the sun had come out so we stopped at a park near the garden to do a few more photos before we went home. Surprisingly it had gotten even colder >_<...took some other pics that I will upload when I go to James' later.

Came home at 4 and crashed...woke up for a bit, crashed again, slept most of Monday o_o...I guess if my body needs it that bad....okay go for it.

Going to be taking a photo for the poster for a play called "Double Double Foil and Fumble" in January. I just have my little Canon point and shoot but Wren (the Writer/Production Manager of it all) would still like me to do it, if I'm somehow able to get use of a DSLR for it then great, if not then I'll just have to make mine work. I want to give them something they'll be happy with and something I can be proud of. Especially since my name would be on the poster o_o.

God I need to start my Christmas shopping like asap :X

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