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Still feel like total crap after yesterday, didn't sleep well...but I am amazed I slept at all. Been staying at James' to look after Sierra since I told him to go on the trip without me. He was really torn about it but we didn't go in the summer (too busy here and too many bugs there)and I knew he missed his family.

He called last night to see how I was and even offered to come home, I told him to stay.

I am amazed at the people on LJ who have left such sweet well wishes for Padme, I keep tearing up reading them and even sent the link so my Mum could read. A few people have even offered donations to help pay her bill and help me get the necklace I want. I still need to get an updated bill from the vet. Last I checked it was $1500 o_o and I know the euthanasia and cremation weren't added on that.

Padme still had a bunch of different medications left so we asked the vet if any other kitties in need could use it and she said it would be donated to a shelter which is awesome.

Once everything is all paid off my next thing to do is take Sierra in for her first check up and get her vaccinations, talk to Ian about adopting her and then get her a harness, leash and stroller.

The stairs James made for Padme will stay in my room, now that Taro is able to come in and out as she pleases...she can use them to help her get up on my bed. Although apparently she hasn't bothered with my room at all.

Since I can't donate any cash to help other kitties I have e-mailed the New West SPCA to volunteer my time with the kitties there, I saw on their website that they need people.

Hoping for no more bad luck this year, 2 car accidents + the injuries that came with them, having to run James to the ER and that whole scare, Daisy dying, and then Padme :(

I took apart Padme's cat tree and now Sierra's got it, strangely fitting since it was Ian that kindly bought it for Padme so many years ago. Although I can't find the instructions and can't seem to put it back together -_-!!! Maybe James can do it when he gets back.

edit: I e-mailed to see if they had a PDF of the instructions thinking they'd be all, well yeah but you need to buy it but nope, a few hours after I sent the e-mail they got back to me with the file~! Awesome company. I will take it apart (for the 3rd time omg) and try again tomorrow~
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