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James and I drove up to the beautiful Edgewater Lodge in Whistler for Andrew and Alisha's wedding~
It was Pride & Prejudice themed so they asked that I wear my regency dress, I was worried because wearing white to a wedding? Baaaad! So I sent them a photo of it just to be sure and they still wanted me to wear it, I still worry what the guests thought~

James looked awesome too but sadly I've only seen one photo with us in it and you can't see our clothes well.
I didn't bother taking any pictures because my camera decided it didn't like the lighting.

It started raining a couple minutes before the ceremony so it was moved under the tent, but even with the lighting and rain it was still very beautiful. It fit the setting ^_^ Had a wonderful time seeing everyone and even James had a great time even though he's not comfy around tons of people or people he doesn't know. He said you could just feel the love and happiness radiating from everyone and that made it different from any of the other things we've gone to.

I loved that they had a video message from her brother in Afghanistan and a beautiful large colour photo of the dogs where you could write a message to him on or even send him a video, such a sweet idea ^_^

James wanted to leave before dark since he's never driven anything but flatland before and I was going to stay and maybe get a ride back with someone but when that couldn't happen he stayed and we didn't leave until after 11.

I woke up around 5am a bit itchy, there had been lots of mosquito out and I really should have put on my Off cream but didn't...anyway, I popped a Benadryl and went back to bed,
Woke up for good around 11 super itchy, I had a bite on my right arm, one on my collar bone and the back of my left hand had a marble sized lump on I took another Benadryl.

About an hour later the marble lump became golf ball sized so I called my Mum to see if there were any clinics open on a Sunday, she said no and suggested I call 811, our nurses line and see what they say.
So I did that and the guy went through a bunch of questions with me, then suggested I go to a clinic..I'm like, its Sunday...and tomorrow is BC day...he was like "Oh...good luck =\, you might want to go to the ER then..."

Day 1 (around 2pm)

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