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Tuesday: Was still feeling kind of crappy but Alan came and picked me up and we rented a couple video's.
I picked Nights in Rodanthe and Alan picked Zack and Miri Make a Porno...
we watched mine first and horribly bad with very VERY painful music...
at one point I said I was going to owe him a bunch of bloody Star Trek movies after making him watch this but then we put his on and omg XD we are tied :P

*is not a Kevin Smith fan*

Wednesday: I started to feel a bit better which was good because we had rescheduled Daniel’s birthday thing.
Daniel, Alan and I met up at Planet Laser near Braid stn.
I was a bit worried because I hate the guns there, the sights always seem off…and the place you run around sucks compared to the one at Crash Crawlies (but you get a score card printed out XD)

First game I did horribly, it was everyone against everyone and I came in LAST T_T!
I wasn’t sure if my gun was fecked up or I was sucking horribly because of being so sick.

Either way I got to change guns for the next run and did better.

The second game was red against green, they had one of the young guys there attempt to explain it to us and although I felt bad he had a very serious speech impediment…they really should have had one of the other guys do it…

None of us could understand what the hell he was saying plus when we finally did get in we all realized that he’d left out a ton of stuff X_x

Like right after we got in I was hiding in a corner near Alan, it was a good spot for sniping.
Anyway, my vest started going batshit making weird noises and blinking like crazy.

I wondered if it was glitching or if I was about to explode X_x

No one else’s vests were doing that o-o

After a few minutes we realized that the vests sometimes pop into different modes like “invincible” and “rapid fire”

We had the 2 games, 20mins each and omg I was so dead by the end of them….
My legs, knee’s and I just felt so weak T_T

I wanted to get photo’s of us in the gear but there would have been no place to leave the camera.

After that we drove down town to meet Jeff, Christy, Ian, Pam and Sid at Fat Burger (zomg best burgers ever kthx ^_^)

more pics @_@! )

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