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Still waiting on the results of my third (and hopefully last o_o) blood test, also the results of a urine test (oops tmi o_o), not as sick as before but still super exhausted and with the weird headaches tho thankfully not 'need to go to the ER' worthy. James got an iPad for Christmas but I seem to have more use for it lol, its great when laying in bed sick. Sierra still prefer's the computer screen but we downloaded her a couple games anyway. She plays but doesn't wack the iPad hard enough to register.

Also been using Kinect's once a week to video chat with Luna, her cat's seem to enjoy it and I know Sierra loves watching.

Took Sierra for a check up the other day (Columbia Square Vet Clinic) because they were offering a free one until Jan 31st. The aged her at about 4-5yrs old which is what I thought and other than needing a dental cleaning ($120) she is perfectly healthy. Since we were there we got her a vaccination, just a basic one for indoor cats. We will go back and get her the others soon once the weather gets better enough to take her out for walks. Still want to get her a jacket harness (harder to escape from) and a little jacket to keep her warm. Still need the stroller too.

She met the resident kitty and despite looking annoyed in the photo they were both very interested to see one another. The vet tech had to boot the poor kitty out of the exam room because he followed us in there and didn't want to leave :P

James and I haven't really had any date nights out in awhile with me being so sick but he's made me feel better about it by setting up sweet things for us to do at home, like games, Criminal Minds marathons, cookie dough Blizzards, etc...its been nice ^_^ Might even try and go to that weekly photography group with him next week if I can manage it.
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Christmas Eve day I got up really early with James and saw him off at the airport. Went to my brothers later that night and crashed out on their couch wrapped in a blanket and doing my knitting, Christmas Day I went to my Mums and had a nice lunch/opened more gifts.

Spent a quiet week looking after Sierra until picking up James Dec. 30th ^_^

New Years Eve we were invited out to a friends party but in the end we decided to spend a quiet New Years together. Did some shopping at Metrotown where he picked up a Kinects (Sadly Dance Central was sold out everywhere), then we went to Canyon Lights ^_^

Canyon Lights

Took it slow because I still don't have much energy and my left knee was being horrible. If I bent down to take a photo or something then I was not able to get back up, even with James offering a hand. He actually had to lift me back up on to my feet :X Cliff walk was terrifying in the dark omg....o_o I was so freaked out. After all that we went back home, played with Sierra, he cooked us a really nice dinner and we played games. I'm pretty good at Child of Eden. ^_^

Sierra was not amused by the fireworks

Stayed up later than we wanted curled up in bed watching Criminal Minds until we passed out during one episode around 2am lol.

Had a nice and lazy Jan. 1st, laid in bed with Sierra playing with his new iPad

Then added Atomic Pink over my blue hair and now have this awesome bright purple shade with pink and blue highlights. Sadly no pictures yet o_o. Also went and saw Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with my Sister in law, it was pretty good but so was the original. Don't know why they felt the need to make this version but since it has Daniel Craig I'm not about to complain. :P
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Doing a lot better but still not %100. Test results came back and although the chest x-ray was good the blood and urine test had a high white blood cell count so he wants me to go back after Christmas and have them done again. Three blood tests in one month? Egads :P

But I'm happy the headaches are not as intense and less frequent plus the lump has gone down quite a bit.

James is coming over later today and we are having our Christmas together. He decided the other day to try and get plane tickets to go see his family over the holidays so we are going to sit under the tree and open each others gifts tonight. It'll be nice ^_^ Then we are probably going to go to Capilano Suspension Bridge for Canyon Lights XD

I will miss him like crazy over the holidays but will be fine. we had both planned on going to Alberta this Christmas but driving is pretty expensive (I refuse to fly with Sierra unless she can go under my seat) and the SUV needs fixing up, we were a little worried it might not make it through the mountains this time around.

So Christmas Eve day I will see him off at the airport then head to my brothers for Christmas with him, Dana, Candace and my Mum. Then my Mum and I are going to do a Christmas day breakfast together here. I will also be staying at James' place to take care of Sierra~
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Finally had enough of not seeing James and Sierra so he picked me up Saturday night so I could go be sick over at his place. Sierra pretty much jumped into my arms and then we curled up in bed together. James was still sick so he went to the doctor the next morning and was diagnosed with Bronchitis o_o So he's on antibiotics and has a puffer and we both feel miserable as hell.

I had a tiny bit of energy so I managed to get up and make us breakfast despite his protests that I get back to bed. I haven't made French toast in forever but it turned out amazeballs XD of course I was pretty much dead after. He made us dinner that night...his nacho's that I'd been craving. Later that night after I'd had a looong nap he brought me back home and I slept for like 12hrs was hard waking up.

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Saw the doctor yesterday, he sent me up to get another blood test (they took more this time), a urine test and even though I don't have a cough - a chest x-ray. I go back Tuesday to get the results and he told me to head up to the ER if my fever gets bad again. We at least know its nothing bacterial since the antibiotics haven't done anything. I still have to finish them though but thankfully there is only 2 left. They are the most foul smelling things omg :X

Still feeling sick meant missing Changeling and Marcella & Neal's Yule party :(, it means missing Peta's birthday today, missing a meet-up I wanted to go to on Sunday and a dinner with family/my brothers friend's Sunday night.

Hoping I'll be better or something by Christmas Eve when we are supposed to be having Christmas dinner at my brothers place. Although they do know I may just have to stay at home and miss it all. James would stay with me at least so I wouldn't be stuck alone.

I haven't seen him much the past few days because he came down with a bad cough/cold and I don't want to risk getting something else on top of whatever this may be. I haven't seen Sierra in two weeks which really sucks :( Im hoping James feels better today so I can go be sick at his place :P
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I wanna keep track of this stuff.

December 13th ultrasound:
Palpable abnormality corresponds to a 2.8 x 2.2 x 1.7 cm left submandibular lymph node, lacking the normal fatty hilum. Smaller bilateral cervical nodes are also present. No abscesses or suspicious masses. The adenopathy is non-specific, but is presumably reactive. Continued clinic followup is suggested.
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Monday: My Doctor said the blood tests results would be in but I didn't think they'd be there that fast and I was right :X So around 7pm my Mum and I left for the ER (James was at school and its finals for him, I didn't want him to leave early to come get me). We tried asking my brother for a ride but he had a couple beers with dinner and couldn't, felt really bad about it though and offered us money for a cab. I didn't want to waste $15 each way and said we could just take the bus (it's right down the street and takes us straight there)

It's not like I was feeling the cold because I still had a fever but once on the bus I was seriously regretting my decision omg o_o. It took almost an hour to get there over the bumpiest roads ever...and I was already in so much pain.

The emergency room was nuts and super crowded, full of screaming children, 4 women who talked for an hour and a half straight loudly right near me, a man with breath that smelled like a baby had shate their pants and a psych patient take down. I was ready to stab myself in the head o_o

Oh, and bad breath old man who was waiting for his older son had this annoying habbit of getting up whenever anyone one went to triage and standing behind them listening to everything....I wanted to tell him to GTFO. He ever wandered over to the phones when I called James around 10 to let him know what was going on.

The triage woman who took me vitals pretty much stabbed the thermometer under my tongue and then said "are you hitty?!" and Im like wha? Thinking maybe she's pronouncing my name wrong. "Hiddy? You hiddy??"

Now I can understand thick accents but this woman seemed fine other than whatever fuck word she was trying to say. Finally I said "I'm sorry, I can't understand what you are trying to say" She looked pissed off and said "Are you a normally hiddy person?" and I realized then she meant HEALTHY /swt

Finally went in back, saw a grumpy doushe of a doctor who was cranky to the nurses and patients. He wanted to know why I was there etc...I told him what the doctor said and he said in this really snotty voice "Well did she also tell you that ultrasound is CLOSED at night?"

No asshole, she didn't.

He was kind enough to give me some strong painkillers tho (only 3....but whatever) and make me an appointment to come back in the next day for an ultrasound. James came and picked us up since he was out of school and got me home fast~

Didn't really sleep that night, it was kind of a drugged out doze, one Percocete didn't even totally take away all the pain. Made she to take another in the morning before we left and that one seemed to help a lot with it. Sat at the bus stop with my Mum to wait and was feeling not to bad, we were talking when a huge wave of nausea hit me and I thought I was going to puke. As fast as that came it went and then I was starting to faint. My Mum asked what she could do, if we should just go home and get a cab. It was hard to talk because that made the wanting to puke feeling come back. My eyes were going all weird and I could feel my upper body swaying.

I needed ice water but there was none, told her there was no way I could move and was not wasting money on a cab, I just needed to sit and lean on her. She said ok and I slumped against her shoulder trying to force myself to stay conscious.

About 5mins later the bus came.

Got to the hospital, signed in, had vitals taken, then went back with a really nice Sonographer guy to scan my neck. I expected the goo to feel ice cold but it was super warm and I felt myself drifting off to sleep when we weren't joking about demons making a home in my neck.

Then I was sent back to where I'd first signed in, slumped into a chair and waited for awhile for the doctor to give us the results. When he finally came out he called us to come follow him which worried me because earlier he was giving people the good news right was this bad news? But it wasn't some office we went into, just a diagnoses room. He was another doushey grump but I got the ultrasound results back.

He said they couldn't see any abscesses and there weren't any "suspicious masses" which made Lymphoma unlikely thank god. At that my Mum was like OMG YAY and was hugging me....I was like wtf woman, you said you weren't worried it was that and she was like erm...shush. I was honestly to sick and tired to get too worried about it.

He would not give me any painkillers and told me to stick to Advil, which really doesn't touch it even tho I pop 800mg, and told me they weren't sure wtf was wrong with me so keep taking my antibiotics and follow up with my doctor in a week.

Managed to eat something small in the hospital cafe, I have an appetite but the past few days eating takes too much effort so anything other than juice and manderine oranges = nokthcx

Got home about 5pm and crashed for 12hrs. This weekend is looking like a write off for me =\
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~ Last Thursday, re-dyed my hair with Atlantic Blue. It looks good. Now I just need a hair cut.

~ Friday, woke up with a headache, noticed on the left side of my neck the gland was swollen but other than that I felt fine and got ready for my first troupe changeling game. Its huge and has over 30+ players. I wore the corset Caitlin got me for my birthday for my Dusk court Snowskin Elemental (I'm a snowflake), it looked nice paired with my ren shirt but I really need a skirt because the only thing I had to use was VERY short omg :X
Had a great time with everyone, mostly spoke to two girls IC, one I've forgotten her name and the other we'd actually met on a forum a few weeks ago and discovered we know a lot of the same people and we both larp ^_^.

~ Felt awful that night so I went to the doctors the next day, the doctor was concerned because there were no obvious signs of infection so he sent me up to get a blood test. Later that night I started feeling worse, even had a fever...I almost never sweat and I had beads of sweat dripping down my back. My neck hurt a lot and if I moved my head the least bit it would start pounding so around 3am James drove me up to the ER.

Didn't have to wait long to get in but the wait for the doctor to see me was a couple hours, she was really nice. Said the lymph gland was infected but they weren't sure why. She gave me a steroid pill to take there and a prescription for antibiotics with instructions to come back 36hrs after my first pill if I felt any worse.

I'm wasn't feeling as horrible today but bad enough I just slept a lot and stayed in bed. 12:30am brought on another bad headache and sore neck so I dosed up with Advil.

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~ Went to Imaginarius Fantasticus with James and met up with Rina and her friend. It was nice because I haven't seen her since Andrew & Alisha's wedding but since she's out in Vancouver more maybe we can hang out. Anyway, the Imaginarius Fantasticus was pretty cool, saw lots of friends and a lot of the ren faire people. Also saw a bunch of stuff I wanted but only bought a bracelet. Got a bunch of business cards though, including one from a girl who makes the most amazing clothing, in a style I've been in love with for awhile now. So we talked for a bit and I told her I'd be commissioning things from her next year.

James also bought me THE MOST AMAZING HAT from her but I'm not allowed to have it until Christmas XD

After spending a few hours looking around and talking to friends we walked down to Deadly Couture so I could pick up some Lagoon Blue by Punky Colour....which didn't exactly work well lol, my hair is now blue with some green and blonde lol. No big deal tho. I'm going to pick up a darker shade "Atlantic blue" tomorrow and go over the funny bits.

~ For some reason Sierra has taken to biting us at night. She was always hard to get on a schedule, she didn't seem to like sleeping through the night but we managed it. She has crunchies throughout the day along with water and gets one can of soft food a day split up so breakfast/lunch/dinner and bedtime snack. Plus several playtime's and always a playtime before bed in an attempt to tire her out.

Usually she wants us awake because she wants more food, another play, shes just bored, she wants the entire bed to herself. She'd meow but we'd just ignore it. Now she bites skin...and she goes after James more than me o_o So we picked her up a bottle of Rescue Remedy because I'd heard so many good things about it. We put 2 drops on her breakfast and two on her bedtime snack. After bout 5 doses it seems to have at least relaxed her quite a bit.

She's usually quite scared of the bathroom, probably had a bad scare with water long before she ever came in to our lives. When I was in the bathroom on Saturday doing my make-up she hopped right up on the counter and then went into the sink to lay down o_o

I may have to start using that stuff on Taro o_o.

~ Friday is troupe Changeling, I still have to finish up my character but I've got most of the costume ready to go. Sadly I don't really have a skirt that would work but I'll figure something out. I'll be an Elemental Darkest, snowskin something or other. I be a Snowflake XD So I'll get to wear my new corset and the pretty snowflake necklace Lude got for me.

~ While digging through my costume stuff I realized I have a ton of jewelry and keep forgetting what exactly I have, so I'm going to slowly photograph each piece so all I need to do is flip through a costume folder on Flickr.

~ Going Christmas shopping with my Mum tomorrow, dreading crazy crowded Metrotown omg :X
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*Make a post (public, friends-locked, filtered... whatever you're comfortable with) to your LJ. The post should contain your list of ten holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV"). The important thing is to make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.
*If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) can get in touch with you. Your home address is not required!
*Make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your LJ so that the holiday joy will spread.

*Surf around your friends list (or friendsfriends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now, here's the important part...
If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes one person's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use - or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free - do it.
*You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf - to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not - it's your call. There are no guarantees with this project, and no strings attached. Just... wish, and it might come true. Give and you might receive. You'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

* Drawings/artwork of Padme
* Donations to VOKRA ( or FFRC (
* Michael's gift certificates.
* Pretty yarn
* Paid account
* Christmas ornaments, so if James and I get a tree we actually have something to put on it~
* Warm my feet happy in Alberta warm.
* srsly.
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Picked up Padme's ashes a couple weeks ago, they also came with a print out of the poem "Rainbow Bridge" (when I have some extra money I'd like to get a frame for it). Also picked up her paw-print, its really pretty~.

I've even got the necklace, Luna brought up when she came since the website I used only took orders within the US and then I just paid her back for it. And James spent a tense 20mins (maybe longer) trying to carefully put the ashes in without spilling any. I really appreciate him doing it because I couldn't bring myself to do it =\.

It's smaller than I expected which is great as I don't like large jewelry. Its also really pretty...I'm glad I have it.


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Haven’t felt much like posting lately, not surprising I guess.
Night time seems to be when it hits, when I’m laying in bed and everything’s quiet. In the day I’m pretty good, I’m able to shut down to the point it’s almost scary. And it’s a lot easier not being at home.

Still in guilt/regret mode, all the could’ve/should’ve. Etc.

My Mum had a really strange dream about her, I asked her to write it up so I can post it here.
Haven’t heard anything about her ashes, it’s been 3 weeks now...does it really take that long?

James and I took Sierra out the other day, plopped her in her carrier with her harness on and drove to Tisol. She was a little worried but interested. Went inside and got her a really nice leash. She met some new people and was fine with that. Walked around the store as bit but was a bit scared.

Next we took her over to Petsmart. She had a small spazz attack but once we took her over to watch the fish she calmed down. Tense but watching, checked out some birds too and then we looked at a kitty that was up for adoption. I was worried one or both might flip out and hiss but the kitty behind the glass was very interested in Sierra and came up to the glass to say hello, Sierra watched him as he meowed a hello, he even batted a ball and then looked up at her as if saying “come play with me”

We had planned on buying her some little demon wings for a costume for only $5 but they had sold out. :X Blah. And the other costumes were either too expensive or too big. I’m hoping I can maybe whip something up before the Halloween party at Petsmart this Saturday.
We will probably wait in the car until last minute to get her photo done since she hate’s dogs and we don’t want to stress her out.

I finally used the Michael’s gift card Caitlin got me for Christmas. I picked up a little wooden box, some wooden letters; hear shapes, a bunch of paints (hello awesome sales omg), sponge brushes and some yarn because I want to start knitting again.
Painted the box up and made Sierra a little toybox ^_^

I had to watch some Youtube tutorials on knitting because I could not remember how to cast on....only how to do the basic knit stitch. Figured that out and have just been practicing. I might have to take the knitting course at Renaissance Books someday.
Luna gets in this Sunday (yay!), just before she comes James and I will be at Mountain View Cemetery because we signed up for a little make a memorial thingy (only $5), then we will go pick Lude up from the train station.

She’s bringing up her tablet which will be very nifty to show Sierra, especially since Sierra is OBSESSED with the computer...she will watch Youtube for ages and actually gets annoyed if she wants on and you are on. I’ve also never met a cat that notices just flat photo’s....if I am looking at a cat photo she knows it...and will touch the screen. Lude said she even has an app. For kitties so that should be fun to see.

Lude, James and I will be going to the Lost Souls at the cemetery on the 29th and then to the Lost Souls downtown. No idea what the hell I’m dressing as though, I don’t feel like freezing my ass off like I usually do. If I had a decent sized square of red material I have an idea....anyone got one to spare?

Other than that nothing exciting, had a nice thanksgiving/birthday party for my Mum. James got me the Hello Kitty bake tin, my computer is still dead and will remain so until Jon or Johnny can get up here (help! :P), been baking when I can...James has an adorable kitchen (but too small omg o_o)

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I read a lot of different communities tho so Im going to add those. (Disabled people snark about life as a gimp) (cute photos and great members) (Most amazing group of people ever, srly. Oh, and the posts are good too. Specially the Saturday FFAC) (gorgeous photos omg)

Facebook and Twitter obviously. (24-7 live webcam of the Friends of Felines Rescue Center. Sound is on when they aren`t too busy cleaning) (Maru) (Every day Meme`s family SO SWEET OMG)
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Still feel like total crap after yesterday, didn't sleep well...but I am amazed I slept at all. Been staying at James' to look after Sierra since I told him to go on the trip without me. He was really torn about it but we didn't go in the summer (too busy here and too many bugs there)and I knew he missed his family.

He called last night to see how I was and even offered to come home, I told him to stay.

I am amazed at the people on LJ who have left such sweet well wishes for Padme, I keep tearing up reading them and even sent the link so my Mum could read. A few people have even offered donations to help pay her bill and help me get the necklace I want. I still need to get an updated bill from the vet. Last I checked it was $1500 o_o and I know the euthanasia and cremation weren't added on that.

Padme still had a bunch of different medications left so we asked the vet if any other kitties in need could use it and she said it would be donated to a shelter which is awesome.

Once everything is all paid off my next thing to do is take Sierra in for her first check up and get her vaccinations, talk to Ian about adopting her and then get her a harness, leash and stroller.

The stairs James made for Padme will stay in my room, now that Taro is able to come in and out as she pleases...she can use them to help her get up on my bed. Although apparently she hasn't bothered with my room at all.

Since I can't donate any cash to help other kitties I have e-mailed the New West SPCA to volunteer my time with the kitties there, I saw on their website that they need people.

Hoping for no more bad luck this year, 2 car accidents + the injuries that came with them, having to run James to the ER and that whole scare, Daisy dying, and then Padme :(

I took apart Padme's cat tree and now Sierra's got it, strangely fitting since it was Ian that kindly bought it for Padme so many years ago. Although I can't find the instructions and can't seem to put it back together -_-!!! Maybe James can do it when he gets back.

edit: I e-mailed to see if they had a PDF of the instructions thinking they'd be all, well yeah but you need to buy it but nope, a few hours after I sent the e-mail they got back to me with the file~! Awesome company. I will take it apart (for the 3rd time omg) and try again tomorrow~
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Padme was put to sleep yesterday, she still could not pee and the vet said she would not be able to teach me to express it because even with their years of experience, they were having trouble. They said her bladder was strange; probably a birth defect and I might cause internal damage if I tried.

They were also very concerned about renal failure (something I lost my last kitty, Ewok to).

We spent time with her, and then the vet took her in back to put a catheter in her paw. They brought her back to my Mum and I in the pretty little visitors room. She was wrapped like a taco again, in a puffy bed like the one she has at home and a couple blankets. I wanted to stay with her, hold her. Something I was unable to do with Ewok....I was too upset then so just my Mum went.

So I held her, gave her kisses, pets and told her I loved her and that I was sorry for doing this. It was quick and peaceful. Part of me really wanted to kick the vet away when she bent down to give the injection because it felt like WHY the hell would I let someone give my best friend something that was going to kill her?! I felt so awful and still do. I have had kitties my whole life but Padme and I have been the closest.
I asked to have her cremated, something else we were unable to do with Ewok due to funds :(

Because they were letting us do a payment plan they said okay, we will even get a clay paw print along with it for free. I picked blue because for some reason she always seemed to prefer that colour.

And although it seems frivolous....I really wanted a little silver heart necklace with some of her ashes in it. I know the money could be saved for Padme’s daughter Taro or the kitty my boyfriend and I are looking after (and will probably keep) or even donated but it was almost a panicky thing, I need this, I need her with me.

I got so upset when they said I’d have to pay the money for that upfront, all I had on me wad $60. Nowhere near enough, so I have sent messages to my best friend and boyfriend (who is away visiting family) asking if I can borrow it. The vet said they could wait a few days.
Padme got amazing care there; I’ll never be able to say enough good things about the South Burnaby Vet Hospital.

I’ve been crying ever since, my best kitty friend is gone. We would always have an afternoon nap together with the sun streaming through my window.

For now,a heavy picsspam. )
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Took her to the vet last Wens, they expelled her bladder and sent her home with meds. She still didn't pee so we took her back and they admitted her. Padme was sedated and the put in a catheter. I was able to visit her the next day. They have a really nice private visiting room and they brought her too me all wrapped like a taco...


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you are lavender

Your dominant hue is blue, making you a good friend who people love and trust. You're good in social situations and want to fit in. Just be careful not to compromise who you are to make them happy.

Your saturation level is very low - you have better things to do than jump headfirst into every little project. You make sure your actions are going to really accomplish something before you start because you hate wasting energy making everyone else think you're working.

Your outlook on life is bright. You see good things in situations where others may not be able to, and it frustrates you to see them get down on everything.
the html color quiz
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The Maze

Friday morning around 3am I called Padme like I usually do because I was ready to go to bed (she always hops up into her bed beside me), she came out of my closet drooling like crazy with wide glassy eyes and looking scared. She didn't seem to know what to do and was meowing, then went under my bed and promptly threw-up (I checked the puke and it was just food and some fur). I was freaked out and looked online for wtf might possibly be wrong and saw that when a cat is queasy they will drool excessively (of course it could have also been renal or heart failure etc...but I was hoping it was not that bad :X!)

She went back into the closet and just laid in there still drooling so I laid half in my closet so I could keep an eye on her, around 6am her mouth was still damp but no more major drool and although she still seemed sick it didn't seem as bad so when she got up and came out of the closet a little unsteady I picked her up gently and carried her to bed. She actually wanted pets and was purring so I took that as a good sign. We were both exhausted and fell asleep sometime after 8. I woke up about 2hrs later when my Mum came in. I was like wtfomg where is Padme?? Is she okay?? My Mum had no idea what the heck I was talking about so I told her what had happened. She said Padme seemed fine when she had gotten up and had been drinking and had some breakfast.

Later on in the day James and I still decided to go out on our date as planned since Padme still seemed do be doing fine and my Mum promised to call if anything changed.

I had suggested that we go to VanDusen Botanical Garden since he had never been there before. Insert one of the worst drives since the accident because every bad driver seemed to be on the road that the time we got there I just wanted to get out and cry. T_T
Once inside I realized my tired mistake, I'd meant to go to Bloedel Conservatory and gotten the names mixed up *facepalm*. Oh well, its not like he'd been there either. It was raining out and we were not dressed for it but we decided to have an adventure and go for it :P

Turned out it was an awesome mistake XD

We had a great time and pretty much had the entire grounds to ourselves, we walked around for almost 3hrs. I took lots of pictures and he sketched under some tree's. At one point he thought he heard and owl and then was like, "Na, I think that's a person". We walked a bit more and then heard this weird loud sound. I almost jumped into his arms all OMGWTFWASTHAT?!?!?! He spotted an owl up in the tree beside us. We were both all "Oooooooooooooooooooooh @_@!!!" because neither one of us had ever seen one up close before. James managed to get an great picture of him.

more )

After that we went out to dinner ^_^, came back here and Padme was still doing okay.
She's eating, drinking, but seems quieter than usual...I'd feel better if I could take Padme in for a check up so maybe I could try selling some prints?

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