Jan. 4th, 2013

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Boxing Day went well, I was up at 6am and James before that. We went to Marketplace Way and it was pretty dead even though the craft store had opened at 7. I thought it would be nuts but nope, hardly anyone.

After that we went to Marks and then Canadian Tire, then home so James could make us an awesome breakfast and then we were off again to Metropolis Comics and Games.

I was sad they didn't have any Clint Barton figures, they said they had gotten the huge one I fell in love with when the movie first came out and that it had been $189. That thing looks so realistic I could have married it. @_@

Then we decided to peek at Metrotown but after a quick pop into Sakura media we got the hell out of there.

I spent a lot of my Christmas money but sadly I didn't really get any sales. Had a 30% off coupon for my entire purchase at Michael's but that had nothing to do with Boxing Day, I think they only thing I got on sale was a 6 drawer storage thingy to keep my craft supplies in which was $44 on sale for $17.

Some of what I got:

The storage thingy
A cute blue lap desk for the laptop
a memory foam bath mat for Taro's poor bones.
some more acrylic paints.
a thingy for paint that will also work as a mold
a couple paint brushes
Mod Podge
I forget what else....

The next day James took me back to Michael's because I had another coupon for 50% off of any one item so I picked up the resin with that.
Later that day I met up with Lily at Metrotown to do a trade, she always looks so awesome...I love her style and should poke her to model for me when the weather gets better~

Felt like I got the better end of the deal T_T because I traded her some tarot cards and she made me the most beautiful necklace....I need to get a photo of it but omg...I love it so much! She also traded me a bag of stuff she's gotten from craft faires. Thank you again for that! I meant to message her that night but stuff happened and I was in BLAAAAAAH mode for like 4 days. My brother actually staged a mini intervention with me because I think my mood scared him....oops T_T

Anyway, on to the bag of goodies....I spent over an hour going through it all, so much neat stuff....and a lot of it I can use for crafting. I still haven't finished putting all of it away.

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