Oct. 16th, 2012

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Oh god, so much to post about T_T
I'm home, back in Vancouver. It came up rather fast giving us about a week to get everything in place but James was called about 2 different jobs and they needed him in Vancouver for interviews/auditions.

Sadly for those 2 jobs (one he had auditioned to play a zombie but they actually wanted him as a soldier XD) they both had pre-set audition dates set for the day after they called him. No way we could have driven back in time. So he figured we better just get back here....and I was fine with it because although there are many things I love about Alberta....there are many things I hate.

And being an animal lover out there, it will break you.

We had Sierra's claws trimmed right before we left which was a great idea but she CHEWED through her carrier....so she spent the ride on top of the carrier or on my lap. Not the safest but we couldn't do much else. We are getting her a METAL carrier soon....she won't be escaping from that! Again she wasn't to pleased with the long drive but seemed to remember it from last time. I know she got a bit queasy but she didn't throw up this time and also seemed to remember the hotel. She had a great time running around and wanted to drink water from the bathroom sink.

I actually got kind of scared once we were in BC, I've been used to STRAIGHT roads for months and not a lot of traffic so once we starting hitting curves...oy :X

James managed to get a 1 bedroom in his old apartment building, sadly Sierra has less room to run around in now but more to see out the window. I was happy to be back in civilization and immediately went and got my hair cut then dyed pink a few days later. We got back on a Friday and instead of moving stuff in the next day we went to V-Con since the dealers room & artist alley = free :P

Made the mistake of walking most of the way to the hotel since someone mentioned it only takes like 10mins.....BAD idea. By the time we got there I was so sore :X I'm glad we went though, got to see a bunch of friends and I ended up going back again on Sunday even though it almost killed me.

Its so nice having decent places to shop and GOOD PRICES OMG....fruit is so cheap! Also I really missed having a library that would let me order books, Chapters, Starbucks, Booster Juice, Purdy's Chocolates and Godiva. James is still looking for a job so if anyone knows of anything please let me know. Especially if its for meat cutting.

Dana's water broke on Saturday, she ended up in the ER that night with pain, they gave her morphine and sent her home. She went back up to Burnaby General Sunday morning but they said she wasn't far enough along and couldn't take her and the only place that could would be St. Pauls X_x so they sent her all the way there and then they induced her. My little niece Katherine Elizabeth was born 5:52am and is 9lbs. ^_^


My Mum and I went down to see them and omg fuck transit and people srsly. My legs are bad enough just trying to walk down the street but getting shoved and bumped into constantly and having to stand on a crowded bus/skytrain = baaah.

Katherine was adorable and slept the whole time, I took a few pictures, we stayed for about an hour then made the hellish trip home. Having used all my spoons and then some. I crashed out for 12+hrs.
Mummy and baby get to go home sometime today and I will probably go visit sometime this weekend.

I bought her some HK stuff

Luna is coming up this month on the 26th XD!
She will be here for Halloween (still not sure of our plans since we have like 4 things to choose from) and for Anime Evolution. Can't wait to see her ^_^

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