Aug. 18th, 2012

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And now for a post about ~other stuffz~

Had my birthday, other than getting older it was awesome :P
I told James that instead of buying a big map to hang up and putting a tack on all the places I've been I will instead buy a large poster of the human body and just tack on what part gets fucked up next :P

During the night my left shoulder was so messed up I couldn't even lay down. Going to the ER was a thought but NO! I had my awesome birthday gift of HORSEBACK RIDING in the morning! I popped a Celebrex and told my shoulder it could wait until AFTER!

It was a hot day so I sunscreened it up as much as possible, we got to the ranch on time along with James' Dad and his brother, Scott.

I'm not sure if it was because it was so hot and maybe the horses were tired....but they seemed kinda devoid of any personality X_x

I rode Willow, she didn't kill me which as great and I only almost tumbled off her once when she stopped and put her head down really fast o_o
James had the biggest horse there o_o Belle reminded me of something from Game of Thrones. The horse The Mountain Who Rides rides.

After that we did the giant corn maze they had, it was fun but a rather stupid idea on such a hot day o_o! Thankfully it only took us about 45mins to get out!

Later that evening we had an awesome dinner cooked by his Mum who even made my favourite to go along with it, fried bannock XD

Managed not to go to the hospital after all, Celebrex is a wonderful thing~
Had a trip into Slave Lake, bought some much needed clothes, new jeans and stuff.

Our plan for coming back is now early October....I want to be there for when my niece is born XD
We will start apartment hunting soon, preferably in New West so if anybody knows of any decent, clean, quiet 1 bedrooms please let me know~

The amazingly yummy chocolate raspberry cake with marshmallow icing James had made for me from Wholesome Jo's.
James got me the nicest birthday cake XD

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