Apr. 13th, 2012

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Sick right now with the cough/cold my Mum has..ugh. And on top of that I decided to stop my Effexor cold turkey so HELLO WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS FROM HELL OMG...for the past 4 DAYS T_T

Might have to miss Changeling tonight if I'm not any better (because I refuse to me one of those people that turns up ill and infects everyone) which really blows because if I go to Alberta with James at the end of this month it would mean missing the last game I'd be able to play for a few months.

Since he hasn't had any job offers here at all yet, going back for a bit is seeming more and more likely. There was one offer but its for an opportunity up in Northern Alberta for 3 months. If it goes through it'd be great because they'd put us up in a place outside of town, the pay is awesome plus he would also get 'isolation pay' on top of that. They could also easily get me a job but there's no way I can work at the moment.

Which might mean I end up staying here dealing with medical stuff and we do the long distance thing for a bit, we are fine with either but obviously would prefer to stay/go together.

Going would also mean missing the Masquerade and Ren Faire but that's okay, there's always next year.

Copied from FB:

This Saturday the place my brother work's is doing one of their open house things, its a nifty place to wander around (they buy & sell things to movie and tv shows like Supernatural and The Killing) plus free hot dogs & pop = win win.

This is where he gets me the old key's, a Coroner's office sign from The Outer Limits, and I ALMOST had a coffin but it got sold on me =(


James and I will be heading down and bringing Sierra in her carrier (still need a pet stroller dammit) since she hasn't been out in awhile and loves car rides.


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