Jan. 3rd, 2012

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Christmas Eve day I got up really early with James and saw him off at the airport. Went to my brothers later that night and crashed out on their couch wrapped in a blanket and doing my knitting, Christmas Day I went to my Mums and had a nice lunch/opened more gifts.

Spent a quiet week looking after Sierra until picking up James Dec. 30th ^_^

New Years Eve we were invited out to a friends party but in the end we decided to spend a quiet New Years together. Did some shopping at Metrotown where he picked up a Kinects (Sadly Dance Central was sold out everywhere), then we went to Canyon Lights ^_^

Canyon Lights

Took it slow because I still don't have much energy and my left knee was being horrible. If I bent down to take a photo or something then I was not able to get back up, even with James offering a hand. He actually had to lift me back up on to my feet :X Cliff walk was terrifying in the dark omg....o_o I was so freaked out. After all that we went back home, played with Sierra, he cooked us a really nice dinner and we played games. I'm pretty good at Child of Eden. ^_^

Sierra was not amused by the fireworks

Stayed up later than we wanted curled up in bed watching Criminal Minds until we passed out during one episode around 2am lol.

Had a nice and lazy Jan. 1st, laid in bed with Sierra playing with his new iPad

Then added Atomic Pink over my blue hair and now have this awesome bright purple shade with pink and blue highlights. Sadly no pictures yet o_o. Also went and saw Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with my Sister in law, it was pretty good but so was the original. Don't know why they felt the need to make this version but since it has Daniel Craig I'm not about to complain. :P

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