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Trying to think of what we've been up to the past few weeks...
James and I went to the Yule party which was fun, hadn't seen most people since before Alberta so that was nice. I got to talk to Pam & Amy for awhile ^_^

We also went to Winter Solstice down on Granville Island Market, it was mostly a lot of drumming so I started to get a headache. James enjoyed it but after a couple hours it all sounds the same to me. We still had a nice time together though ^_^

Then we had a troupe Mage game potluck, it was fun to get dressed up for. It was IC but most people bounced between OOC and IC so it could get confusing at times. Woke up the next morning to a pile of drama surrounding it which is sad. I see a lot of friendships being affected and not even sure if game will still happen. I think if people had just told the truth then all of it could have been avoided. So glad I am not directly involved o_o

Christmas was great, we went to my brothers for dinner and of course it was Katherine's first ^_^ I gave her a kitty hat with matching mittens that I've had put away for awhile and a Rapunzel doll.


She also got a couple super cute outfits from some customer's at my brothers work and an ENGRAVED SILVER SPOON from Tiffany's from a friend of his o_o!

Had a good dinner, opened gifts. Today we are mostly resting, going to make a gingerbread village today since we didn't get to it. Just a kit because I've been so busy and the only baking I did was an apple pie.

Hope everyone else had a great Christmas ^_^

Tomorrow James and I are doing boxing day stuffz which is funny because we swore we wouldn't this year. And this time it was his idea lol. But he wants to go to Mark's and we both want to do the craft store and Petsmart~
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