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I know people mean well and are trying to help but oy, sometimes I want to bang my head against a wall.

When talking with someone the other day (someone who doesn’t actually know me, we just talk when I’m at the place she works) and we got on to the subject of my knees. I explained briefly whats wrong with them.

Her - “Oh! You should use *insert some random cream I forget the name of*. It worked great for the pain of my sprained ankle!”

Erm…sorry, no. I have had sprained ankles before and while they can be quite painful they HEAL, the pain will eventually go away. I don’t have that luxury, my pain never goes away, sometimes its just more manageable than others.

Also, I have yet to hear of someone feeling suicidal due to pain from a sprained ankle.
Your creams will not work for me, I have tried many and they don’t do a thing.

Her - “Or, if you wanted to not take hard drugs or super strong anti inflammatory’s you could take this natural *insert other name I’ve forgotten* tea!”
ahahaha….no :X

Her - “Make sure you don’t baby your knees, that will make them weaker”

Maybe for some people, not for me. If I didn’t “baby my knees” I probably wouldn’t be walking. Yes I walk, yes I CAREFULLY exercise them but FUCKING NO I CANNOT and WILL not do those fucking squats you are showing me ESPECIALLY AFTER I just told you my knees really DO NOT BEND anymore. I have not been able to “squat” for a long time and I can’t even really get down on the floor anymore without someone helping me up. And the last time I oh so carefully KNEELED, one of my knees popped out of joint and I face planted into the floor.

Her - “You are too young to have these problems”

Yes, I always was and still am…but it sucks and I do have them and they aren’t going anywhere.
Sitting is hell, even though I do it slowly and its sad when the one thing I can’t wait to go buy is a raised toilet seat. Depressing and embarrassing but fuck it. I would like to sit down WITHOUT PAIN~! Also, I need a cute little cane or some forearm crutches.

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