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Home soon, thankfully~
There are a lot of things I will miss but I am glad to be getting back. We don't have a set date just yet but its either end of September or right after Thanksgiving. Right now we are looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom in New West and are in contact with James' old landlord. He has one apartment available in the building right next door to his old one. He is e-mailing the info on it asap.

Smoky not long after she gave birth to 5 kittens....I was there when she went into labour and helped her out...she was pretty spazzed and the last 2 might have died because she was so busy with the first 3 she was ignoring them when they came out...still in the birth sacs...
They are 3 weeks old today and seem healthy.

Noms from my garden
A days harvest

A gift from Michelle
One of the two Pretty bracelets from Michelle <3

Sierra watching the horses
Sierra watching the horses

Thunder-Cloud after I had given her a treat
Thunder really loves apple granola bars

A rare treat for Charlie, we took him for a ride ^_^
Charlie goin for a ride!

Mittens also gave birth

We were hoping the tiniest one was just a runt, I dipped into Sierra's still small vet fund to buy some goats milk, make some KMR type stuff since the baby wasn't taking a nipple (I had to hold the kitten and get her to drink...she was too weak to hang on)
Sadly she died two days later :(
(er...she's not dead in this photo...just weak and sleepy)
Mittens had 3 kittens, not sure this über tiny one will make it.

Some flowers from my garden

James bought me some super nice iron keys and a beautiful journal
Went shopping with James today <3

Smokey's second born kitten, I've nicknamed him spark.

I really wish we could rescue one of them...they will not survive life out here and if they do they will just go on to have even more unwanted kitties.
Sadly we don't have the time....they are only 3 weeks and should stay with their mother until they are 12weeks, then we would need at least 4 weeks or more to introduce her to Sierra. (they could never be left alone together until the kitten is at least 3+ months) And then there's the money side of it. We would first need to take Smoky to the vet and have her tested for a few things. Things that would not show up in the kittens for at least 6months so its best to have the Mum tested. That would probably be several hundred dollars but we would never want to put Sierra at risk for anything.

Going urban exploring later on today, there's one abandoned house we haven't gone into yet.

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