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Knee's have been pretty crap but that's nothing new, with all of this I am still amazed people bother inviting me along anywhere anymore. Why bother, when I hardly ever show up? But they still do and for that I'm grateful.

Had a doctors appt. today and waited like 25mins for him to see me, not unusual that he makes people wait because his time management is crap but it is very unlike him to spend so much time with one patient. I figured it out when they finally finished tho, it wasn't my was the awesome dude who replaces him when he's away. He even asked about my knee's even though that wasn't why I was there so I think I'll go back Monday and see him about my neck because I'm having flare up's and my normal doctor blows me off. Even my lawyer thinks he's a dick.

* Won 4 tickets to the Vancouver Aquarium in May so that was nifty ^_^
* Got real mail the other day, like...not bills lol. Some photo's a Flickr friend had taken and a letter.
* Tumblr and Pinterest are addictive :P

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