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Almost exactly a week after Sierra had her vaccination she started acting a bit out of the ordinary. On the Thursday night she didn't rush over for dinner, I figured she was extra tired so I brought her dish over to the bed and she ate. She didn't bother wanting a bedtime snack and even weirder...she didn't wake us up for breakfast.

I fed her anyway but she didn't touch it, she also wasn't drinking which was really worrying, not playing and sleeping a lot. I called the vet for advice and they said it was the expected side effects from the vaccine and not to bother bringing her in unless she was still like this on Monday. And now here is where I seriously kick myself because we did not have a child's rectal thermometer. If we did...I would have known she'd had a temp of 105 :X!

I tried to get a bit of food into her and was squirting water into her mouth whenever I could. Got her into the vet Monday morning and that's when he took her temp and told us she was running an infection. He kept asking what other cat's she's been around etc...and we told him just the office kitty, she hasn't been out anywhere since Christmas. He kept insisting it wasn't a side effect of the vaccination but after doing several hours of reading I really don't believe that. I think she had a REALLY bad reaction to it :X

He said he wanted to keep her there for the day to get some IV fluids and antibiotics into her and also do a blood test so we could find out what the infection was. It was hard leaving her there but we knew she needed it and we went home to scramble putting some money together.

Picked her up later that evening and he showed us how to force feed her...o_o I don't think I've ever seen Sierra so angry. When we got her home she ran out of her carrier and into the litter-box to do the biggest pee we've ever seen. Then she spazzed out running around, not happy with the long day, shaved fur on her paw and neck (she has sensitive skin) and even more pissed with the blue wrap around her paw that we were told to keep on for another half hour.

She flung it across the room 10mins later....but thankfully there was no bleeding.

I managed to distract her by putting her favourite bird video on Youtube on the iPad, so she calmed down a bit and laid down with me to watch. She had to take antibiotics twice a day which was fine for the first two days thanks to Greenies Pill Pockets but after that she would not touch them. Thankfully the pills were tiny so with a bit of fighting I was able to just pop them into her.

Over the last 2 weeks she's slowly gotten back to normal. She just finished her pills the other day and seems fine now, maybe a little less energy than she had before but she's eating the same, waking us up EARLY, wanting playtime's and stuff. Now she just needs to gain back that pound she lost.


We should know where we are going to be by the end of the month. As soon as James finishes his demo reel and isn't so crazy busy he can start shopping his resume around. If he gets a job asap then we will move into a one bedroom in the building we are already in. Preferably the one next door with the big front window XD The manager already knows we are interested. Plan B. is put some of the furniture here into storage, rent a trailer and go back to Alberta for a bit. His house has already had a new roof and windows put in which is good. It just needs a girl's touch to make it really nice~

I'm fine with either option.

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